Our mission

To cultivate a welcoming, imaginative environment that sparks curiosity and creativity in individuals of all ages.

Our Spaces

Young Explorers is a family-owned destination in Erie, Colorado offering both an immersive shopping experience and a community gathering space for workshops and events.

Young Explorers is dedicated to nurturing young minds, supporting local artisans, and creating a vibrant atmosphere that encourages exploration and imaginative play .

  • SHOP

    We take pride in our selection of unique, open-ended toys inspired by our community.


    Hands-on experiences and opportunities for collaboration encourage a passion for learning.

  • PLAY

    Empowering kids + adults to see where inspiration takes them, building confidence and fueling creativity.

Get involved

Young Explorers is more than a store—it's a community cornerstone where families connect, children discover, and lifelong learning thrives. We are delighted to invite you into our family and become a part of Erie's vibrant story.

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