Play, create, explore

Visit Erie's community cornerstone where families connect, children discover, and lifelong learning thrives.

Our Vision

We aim to anchor Young Explorers as a cornerstone in Erie’s community, transforming the way families explore, learn, and connect. We are dedicated to building a supportive platform for local talent and fostering a culturally rich environment where innovation in retail and community spirit blossoms.


    Discover open-ended toys for all ages that promote creativity and exploration. Our toys spark imagination and encourage expressive play, enhancing every creative journey.


    Explore workshops, seasonal camps, and homeschooling sessions for ages 5+. Offerings include Mommy & Me classes and inclusive programs in a resource-rich environment designed for interactive and creative learning.


    Host your special event at Young Explorers to create unforgettable memories. Our intimate venue accommodates up to 15 guests (kids + adults), perfect for private celebrations and bespoke gatherings.

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